Alpha pompe S.p.A. manufactures Coaxial Pneumatic Valves

Alpha pompe S.p.A. manufactures Coaxial Pneumatic Valves, and it sells them with “FASTAIR” mark. The above mentioned valves series is composed of six different models, going from DN 15 (1/2″) to DN 50 (2″). There are two different Coaxial Pneumatic Valves versions: the double acting ones (DA) and the single acting ones (SR). Fastair Coaxial Pneumatic Valves are equipped with on-off operator and are suitable for group 2 type fluids (not dangerous).
Inside the coaxial valves there is a pneumatic start up, it can be commanded through a 1/8” GAS/NPT interface or through a Namur electro valve. The pneumatic doors are powered one after the other, this lets the valve open or close. Interception valves aren’t normally suitable for great bearings, on the contrary they are perfect for pneumatic purposes and as control valves. They could not replace the couple actuator-valve but they are useful in easing application in different places, basing on different needs. There are several surface treatments that can be applied on the whole product range, in order to satisfy the customer requirements (anodizing, chemical nickel plating or hard anodizing + PTFE coating).

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