We present CK

The CK actuator range has been designed to meet the needs of diverse actuation applications required by the valve industry and its customers.

CK is one of the world's leading Rotork brand companies in all industrial control systems

  • Suitable for inaccessible locations using remote mounted Centronik controls
  •  Oil bath lubrication for extended life and mounting in any orientation
  •  IP68 8m for 96 hours – double-sealing as standard
  •  User friendly commissioning and configuration with non-specialist hand tools
  •  Built in redundancy using independent torque and position sensing
  •  Fast and efficient maintenance due to plug and socket connections
  •  Safe motor-independent handwheel operation available at all times
  •  Data extraction for analysis, diagnostics and asset management
  •  Local operation, configuration and commissioning up to 100 m from actuator, with remotely mounted Centronik module
  •  Backed by Rotork Global Support

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