Butterfly valves types

Butterfly valves types

 First: wafer butterfly valve (sandwich) : 

 It is installed between two flanges on the line, this type is the most common at all because it is characterized by its cheap prices as it is produced at very large quantities around the world, and is used in all industrial applications.

 Second: The lug Butterfly valve :
 The valve body has a number of threaded holes, through which the valve is installed on the pipes and connected to the valve body. This type is widely used in central air conditioning.

 Third: Flanged Butterfly valve : 

 It is of two types : 

Type I : Concentric Butterfly valve

 It is the most famous type, the Axe of the valve is in the center of the disc, and this type is the most widely used.

Type II: Double eccentric valves: 

It is used in large sizes - wide shape -valve axe is not on the same axis of disc symmetry. The seat is installed on the disc . It is characterized by the ease of changing the seats in case of damage.

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