Lug type

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The LUG(w) type valve, is designed for industrial applications, and replaces double flanged valves, specially in small diameters.
It offers considerable advantages where dead-end services are needed, such as pump outlets, tanks and ship sides among many. It gives an effective solution to several needs in shipbuilding, water treatment plants, heating, cooling, vacuum systems, gas and many others.

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• Body type
• Production range
• Standard design
• Face to face
• Standard maximum working pressure
• Working temperature
• Hydraulic tests
• Top flange
• Drilling norm
Field of use
Water treatment plants and water distribution / Cooling systems / Fire fighting / Heating / Shipbuilding / Gas distribution
• Pressure equipment directive PED 97/23/EC

• Machinery directive 2006/42/EC

• ATEX (II 2GD) 94/9/EC optional

• Vulcanized seat optional

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