PVC Butterfly Valves

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The FE is a butterfly valve for shutting off or regulating flow, specifically designed for water applications and equipped with a customisable Labelling System.

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• Disk in PVC-U with through shaft
• Zinc plated square section steel stem completely isolated from the fluid complying with standard ISO 5211:
  DN 40 ÷ 65: 11 mm
  DN 80 ÷ 100: 14 mm
  DN 125 ÷ 150: 17 mm
  DN 200: 22 mm
• Can also be installed as an end line valve, bottom discharge valve or tank dump valve
• The wafer valve can be transformed into a one-way Lug body valve thanks to the set of zinc plated steel inserts available as an optional extra
• Valve material compatibility (PVC-U) with water conveyance, drinking water and other food substances according to current regulations
• Possibility of directly installing a gearbox or pneumatic and/or electric actuators with a standard drilling pattern according to standard ISO 5211 F05, F07, F10
 Ergonomic multifunctional handle in HIPVC with the option for quick operation, graduated adjustment in 12 positions (every 7.5°). 180° reversible mounting
 Customisable Labelling System: integrated module, made of a transparent protection plug customisable tag holder using the LSE set (available as accessory). The customisation lets you identify the valve on the system according to the specific needs
 Drilling pattern with oval slots that allow coupling to flanges according to numerous international standards
 Interchangeable liner with the dual function of forming a hydraulic seal and isolating the body from the fluid.
 One-piece top flange with PVC-U rack. Drilling according to standard ISO 5211 for direct drive:
DN 40 ÷ 65: F05
DN 80 ÷ 150: F07
DN 200: F10

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