PTFE coated butterfly valve

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PTFE coated ball valve


DN 50-1200 mm / 2" - 48"

Design Features

  • Swiss product
  • Built up on the principle of concentric soft seated butterfly valves
  • One piece disc and shaft
  • Body with 2 components epoxy coating
  • PFA coated disc with TFM liner of min. 3 mm thickness
  • Maintenance free bearings of the shaft
  • By using the same radius of the liner and of the disc at the intersection to the shaft, a perfect shapening is guaranteed for a fully tight valve over a long lifetime.
  • A large tightness surface of the liner provides a secure sealing to the counter flange.
  • Elastic backliners make the valve gas tight
  • A tight sealing between the liner and the disc is ensured by a compression package based on the principle of a floating ring seal

DN050-1050, PN10 / 2" - 42", Cl. 150

  • Wafer and Lug type with two piece body
  • Body length acc. to DIN EN 558-1, raw 20
  • Topflange for automization acc. to DIN EN ISO 5211:2001
  • In compliance with PED 2014/68/EU

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