ControlAir Celebrates 30 Years in Business

It is hard to believe that starting from an empty warehouse space where we passed around a single phone, it has been 30 years since ControlAir started to manufacture precision pneumatic controls and offer them to a worldwide market. We are proud to mark this milestone and wanted to take a moment to recognize ControlAir’s loyal customers, employees, suppliers, distributors and representatives for their ongoing support. The ControlAir brand success has always been based on quality products at a competitive price brought to the market with timely service and a smile. We are so grateful for the confidence and trust our customers and suppliers have placed in ControlAir, and commit to continually improve how we do business to help them meet their future growth objectives. Our employees are a huge part of what keeps ControlAir moving in a positive direction. We appreciate that so many of our customers acknowledge the hard work that goes into our products.
Looking forward, now more than ever, we are committed to the values that have brought us to this point. During this celebration of ControlAir we are looking forward to new product additions as well as finding more ways to make it easy to do business with ControlAir. To our past and current customers we say “thank you” and to those we haven’t crossed paths with yet, we look forward to reaching out and showing you why we have grown so over the past 30 years.
Scott Comstock

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