AlphaAir is one of the strongest Italian companies in the manufacture of pneumatic actuators .

Itqan company provides all sizes of actuators :

AP32, AP42, AP50, AP63, AP75, AP85, AP100, AP115, AP125, AP145, AP160, AP180, AP240, AP270, AP330, AP420

It is installed on all types of butterfly valves, ball valves, and others

We provide all pneumatic valves that operate the pneumatic actuators, as well as the feedback switch box, in addition to the electro-pneumatic positioner, which allows controlling the rate of opening and closing the valves from 0 to 100% with a signal of 4-20 mA

The Italian company Alpha Air is considered the first choice in factories of paints, chemicals, petrochemicals, food industries, fertilizers and others in all sectors of industry.

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